Interscience offers the Best Image Quality of Its Product Range @ Lab Indonesia

The automatic colony counter and inhibition zone reader, Scan® 4000 provides unbeatable image quality in all sizes of Petri dishes and all media. Its lighting system guarantees high accuracy and excellent reproducibility.

The Scan® 4000 is equipped with a German 5 megapixels CCD camera and a Japanese lens. It offers a ultra-high resolution camera with its 64 times digital zoom and live camera image.

The device features the White LED Dome which diffuses lighting without reflections or shadows. Petri dishes are difficult to lighten as they are transparent and reflective. Heterogeneous lighting creates artefacts on the edges of the agar and on the sides of the dish. These artefacts may be counted as colonies and can ruin the counting accuracy. Therefore, a white diffusing dome has been designed for 360 degree lighting without reflections or shadows. The lighting spread evenly everywhere and allows user to count the colonies on the entire surface.

A beam splitter is designed and incorporated into the device to compensate the reflections of the camera lends on the Petri dish.

The new design of the bottom lighting includes glass panel to place the samples. Petri dish can be placed anywhere on the surface, the device detects the dish and zooms automatically. With the scratch-resistant glass, there will be no counting mistakes. Also, the black/white background is designed without moving parts to improve the reliability and the speed of changing the background color.

The Scan® 4000 enables to read the Petri dishes up to 150mm diameter and on 120mm square Petri dishes which makes it the colony counter with the largest reading range possibilities.

Moreover, The Scan® software is in compliance with the FDA guidelines, as electronic signatures, audit trail and securing of the results. The management of the operators is integrated in the software for greater security and user-friendly.

The Scan® 4000 is designed for laboratory in various industries include pharmaceutical, medical and veterinary and food industry.

To know more about the technology, visit Interscience booth at Lab Indonesia from 13 – 15 April 2016 at Jakarta Convention Centre.

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