Vion IMS QTof: Beyond Resolution – Seamlessly from Samples to Answers

Complex samples give complex data with overlapping spectra and background interferences, making compound identification difficult and method development costly and time consuming,. Sometimes, resolution and accurate mass are not enough to identify analytes, so additional experiments are needed, making even routine analysis slow and inefficient.

VionTM IMS QTof moves ion mobility mass spectrometry from research to routine. Rely on ion mobility to clean up and simplify every spectrum, so interpreting your data is easier than ever. Find, identify and quantify your analytes confidently, enabling faster method development and higher sample throughput.

Waters’ innovation and commitment to ion mobility brings you our most exciting benchtop platform: Vion IMS QTof, a high resolution benchtop QTof mass spectrometer that delivers the selectivity of ion mobility to ever scientist for every analysis.

Information on Vion IMS QTof will be available at Lab Indonesia 2016, pre-register to the exhibition and visit Waters’ booth @ Q01.

Developing Solutions for Bioscience Research, Laboratory Operations and Lab Processes through Innovation

Merck Milipore is one of the divisions of KGaA of Darmstadt, Germany. It is the top tier supplier to the life science industry and a strategic partner for scientists, engineers and researchers. Recognizing innovation as the core driver of business growth, Merck Milipore constantly develops ideas and products that help the industry with science efficiency. Today, more than 60,000 Merck Milipore’sproducts are used in the laboratories of pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The core business areas of Merck Milipore include Bioscience, Lab Solutions and Process Solutions.

Merck Milipore is the expert in bioscience industry. It delivers products for life science research in academic and pharmaceutical sectors, such as genomic, proteomic and cellular analysis and is supported by sample preparation, research reagents and intuitive detection platforms.

With the goal to create and produce products that help increase efficiency and deliver consistent & reliable results, Merck Milipore has been the leading supplier of high quality chemicals and reagents, water purification systems and microbiology testing solutions. As the leading lab solution providers, it emphasizes on product precision and performance, optimal use of resources and robust documentation.

Process solutions is also the core business area of Merck Milipore. It provides an extensive range of products to support drug manufacturing process from research to industrial-scale production and quality control.

To offer its latest biotech products, lab solutions and process solutions to more research & analytical laboratories and science institutes, Merck Milipore is bringing its innovation and technologies to Lab Indonesia in year 2016.