The Newly Established Clinical Lab Indonesia 2016

With an estimated population of 250 million people, Indonesia is expecting increasing demand for access to safe, effective medications and healthcare services. Indonesia’s changing epidemiology of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and other conditions has revealed the need for healthcare and clinical advancement.

Indonesia’s healthcare industry is expected to grow up to US$50 billion by 2020, compared to a total market value of US$23 billion in 2012. The size of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical device market is respectively US$5 million and US$1 billion, with double-digit annual growth rates.

As such, Indonesia has a promising market for clinical laboratory and diagnostics equipment. Indonesia relies almost entirely on imports to fulfil its domestic needs for clinical laboratory and diagnostics equipment on the incidence of diseases related to circulatory problems, infections and parasites, and respiratory problems which significant causes of death in Indonesia.

Besides, the growing number of private hospitals in Indonesia reflects the needs for sophisticated laboratory equipment for high quality healthcare services. The increasing demand in such advanced equipment provides opportunities for foreign companies to offer products & technologies to the local, especially hospitals, health centres and public & private laboratories.

With strong annual industrial growth rates and the implementation of the National health Insurance System, international companies can see profitable opportunities in Indonesia’s healthcare sector, especially manufacturers or suppliers of surgical equipment, diagnostics and medical imaging equipment, dental equipment, devices for scaling, polishing, bleaching and orthodontics, test kits, as well as instruments related to clinical chemistry, hemotology and immunology.

International companies Philips, GE Healthcare and Pfizer are already active in Indonesia’s healthcare sector. By intensifying their businesses activities in Southeast Asia’s largest country, they have been able to profit from the solid growth rates the healthcare industry displays and continue growing in the coming years.

Introducing the new Clinical Lab Indonesia 2016, held in conjunction with Lab Indonesia 2016, calling for all international companies to take this opportunities to be in touch with local importers, agents and distributors. This will be the great chance to have your company and brand visible to the local doctors, hospital procurement team, medical laboratory managers, healthcare & clinic professionals, medical researchers and other professionals in clinical and medical fields.


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