LabIndonesia Opens In 7 Days!

With only 7 days left to LabIndonesia, we have prepared a brief guide on getting to the venue, Jakarta Convention Centre.

Driving to JCC

For visitors that are driving to LabIndonesia, you may enter through the following main gates:


JCC has also allocated the following parking areas for LabIndonesia visitors:


Public Transport Options

Besides driving, visitors planning to travel via public transport are able to choose from a variety of transport modes to reach JCC.

Via KRL Commuterline

Visitors using the Commuterline/KRL are advised to disembark at the Sudirman station or Sudirman Baru station (if using Airport Train), and continue their journey with the TransJakarta bus to the Senayan JCC stop.

Via TransJakarta

Visitors using the TransJakarta to travel are advised to disembark at the Senayan JCC stop, which is a 5 minute walk away from JCC.

Via Taxis/Ride Hailing Services

Taxi services or ride hailing services are readily available throughout Jakarta, and can be easily accessed via their respective mobile applications.



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