The Newly Established Clinical Lab Indonesia 2016

With an estimated population of 250 million people, Indonesia is expecting increasing demand for access to safe, effective medications and healthcare services. Indonesia’s changing epidemiology of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and other conditions has revealed the need for healthcare and clinical advancement.

Indonesia’s healthcare industry is expected to grow up to US$50 billion by 2020, compared to a total market value of US$23 billion in 2012. The size of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical device market is respectively US$5 million and US$1 billion, with double-digit annual growth rates.

As such, Indonesia has a promising market for clinical laboratory and diagnostics equipment. Indonesia relies almost entirely on imports to fulfil its domestic needs for clinical laboratory and diagnostics equipment on the incidence of diseases related to circulatory problems, infections and parasites, and respiratory problems which significant causes of death in Indonesia.

Besides, the growing number of private hospitals in Indonesia reflects the needs for sophisticated laboratory equipment for high quality healthcare services. The increasing demand in such advanced equipment provides opportunities for foreign companies to offer products & technologies to the local, especially hospitals, health centres and public & private laboratories.

With strong annual industrial growth rates and the implementation of the National health Insurance System, international companies can see profitable opportunities in Indonesia’s healthcare sector, especially manufacturers or suppliers of surgical equipment, diagnostics and medical imaging equipment, dental equipment, devices for scaling, polishing, bleaching and orthodontics, test kits, as well as instruments related to clinical chemistry, hemotology and immunology.

International companies Philips, GE Healthcare and Pfizer are already active in Indonesia’s healthcare sector. By intensifying their businesses activities in Southeast Asia’s largest country, they have been able to profit from the solid growth rates the healthcare industry displays and continue growing in the coming years.

Introducing the new Clinical Lab Indonesia 2016, held in conjunction with Lab Indonesia 2016, calling for all international companies to take this opportunities to be in touch with local importers, agents and distributors. This will be the great chance to have your company and brand visible to the local doctors, hospital procurement team, medical laboratory managers, healthcare & clinic professionals, medical researchers and other professionals in clinical and medical fields.


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Lab Indonesia 2016 Roadshows

This year, we are bringing the core of Lab Indonesia to the cities near you.  

If you are the lab manager, scientist, researcher, chemist, biologist, quality control manager, academician, lecturer, director or other player who involve in laboratory, you will not want to miss to join us at the roadshows!

Come join us for previews of the latest technology prior to the exhibition, learn the latest market trend about laboratory from the industry peers, and gain first-hand experience on the latest laboratory technologies.

LabIndonesia roadshows route:

Semarang → Palembang → Balikpapan → Padang → Bandung → Surabaya → Medan → Makasar

We will release the exact schedule soon! Please log on to from time to time for udpates.

Lab Indonesia is back and better than ever!

The Indonesia 4th Laboratory, Scientific Analytical Equipment and Services Exhibition and Conference is back in year 2016 at Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Lab Indonesia 2016 aims to bring together scientific and analytical laboratory industry elites at this networking and resourceful platform. In year 2016, the exhibition is expecting increasing numbers of exhibitors, country pavilions, visitorship and exhibition size to facilitate the industry with a greater exploration experience in latest innovative technologies.

Come be part of this perfect platform to network with Southeast Asia’s industry decision makers. Grab the opportunities to meet key decision makers who are high potential business partners. There are also activities that facilitate business networking so business negotiation can start immediately.

Booth booking and pre-registration will be available soon. Stay with us at Lab Indonesia website for more updates!

LAB Indonesia 2014 is Officially Open Now!

3rd Indonesia International Laboratory, Scientific Analytical Equipments and Services Exhibition and Conference is officially open now!
Opening Ceremony was held successfully with the presence of honourable guests such as Mr. Arryanto Sagala, Director General, Head of BPKIMI, Ministry of Industry Indonesia, Prof. Muhamad A. Martoprawiro, Chairman of Himpunan Kimia Indonesia (HKI), Ms. Indra Sukirno, CEO of Jakarta Convention and Exhibition Bureau (JCNEB), Mr. Setyabudhi Zuber, Secretary General & Executive Director of Responsible Care Indonesia (RCI), Mr. Supandi, Secretary General of MASTAN, Ms. Shirlyn Lim, representative of Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), Mr. Tim Collins, Directory Laboratory Technology of GAMBICA Association Ltd, Ms. Nancy Chen, Business Development Manager of Beijing Lamp Exhibition Co Ltd, Mr. Norikazu Sato, Vice President of Japan Scientific Instruments Association (JSIA), and Mr. Masahiko Endo, Vice Chairman of Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association (JAIMA). Witnessed by all exhibitors, visitors, and floor of media, Lab Indonesia 2014 is officially open now!
Lab Indonesia 2014 will be showcasing the latest technologies and laboratory equipments to meet professional needs and internatinal standards in all industries. The biennial event is increasingly sought and trusted as the meeting place for manufacturers, suppliers and industry consumers and a platform for prominent array of leading companies from the laboratory industry. It is shown by the increase in the number of participants and exhibition area.
Leading companies and brands from China, Indonesia, India, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, USA and European countries in scientific equipment and manufacture are ready to showcase their products and technologies. 200 exhibitors on 3000 square meter. The number increased 30% compared to the previous event.
In the sidelines of products and technologies exhibition, LAB Indonesia will also hold seminars with themes on contemporary issues and innovative solutions. The latest products and updates on the development of laboratory technology, analysis and instrumentation will be presented in the seminars. Seminars will be held during the exhibition include: Update on Nano Technology in Food Industries by Supporting Media – Food Review, National Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation (SNKAI 2014) organized by Indonesia Chemical Society (HKI) in collaboration with Central Academy of Chemical Analyst (AKA) Bogor, Indonesia Institute of Sciences (LIPI) University of Indonesia (UI), State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta and Jakarta State University (UNJ), Chemical Inventory Management System by Himpunan Kimia Indonesia (HKI) and LabIndonesia, The 5th PROPER Training organized by Responsible Care® Indonesia (RCI) and Workshops, etc.
Visit us fast at Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC) till 9th May 2014!

Indonesia's Leading Lab Technology Exhibition

Lab Indonesia 2014 a noteworthy meeting place for Manufacturers, Suppliers and Industry consumers and a platform for prominent array of leading companies from the laboratory industry
Discovering innovation at the heart of the laboratory industries.
Lab Indonesia opened its doors for the first time in 2010 bringing over 3733 industry professionals and 83 exhibiting companies together to network, gain knowledge and do business. The second Lab Indonesia in 2012 showed tremendous growth with more than twice the number exhibitors and visitor.
This year for the third time - Lab Indonesia 2014 shall offer a more packed program of inspirational seminars, a conference developed with the support of the Indonesia Chemical Society, and a raft of new exhibitors, showcasing product launches and the latest innovations in the laboratory industry, as well as the latest news.
To date Lab Indonesia 2014 has confirmed participations from 200 exhibitors from China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and United Kingdom together with some other International exhibitors from France, Japan, Taiwan, and USA showcasing latest scientific equipment and analytical instruments.
Occupying a larger venue space Lab Indonesia 2014 shall further proof its mark as Indonesia’s Leading Lab Technology Exhibition.
Exhibition Highlights:
• Business Matching Program facilitates international manufacturers of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment to meet Indonesian importers, distributors and agents.
• 45 Technical Seminars conduct by Lab Indonesia 2014 exhibitors with internationally-reputable experts sharing their knowledge and industry update with latest technology.
• Various Technical Workshop held in conjunction with Lab Indonesia 2014 exhibition presents by HKI, RCI, and Food Review Indonesia as our Supporting Partners

$20 million research funding boosts research on cattle farming in Indonesia

Source from: Australia Business Financing Centre
The government of Australia has provided $20 million in research funding to Indonesia. The country will use the funds over six years to improve research on cattle.
Indonesian government receives $20 million for research funding
The provided research funding of $20 million is part of the IndoBeef project which itself is part of the ongoing aid provided for Indonesia. Australian researchers have already provided support to Indonesia's cattle industry in the past three years. The research has helped Indonesian cattle farmers to reduce the dying rate of calves from 30% to 10 per cent.

Indonesia recruiting more researchers

Source from: The Jakarta Post, Makassar | Sci-Tech
Research and Technology Minister Gusti Muhammad Hatta says Indonesia needs more researchers to innovate and develop state-of-the-art technology as the current number of scholars only covers one-third of the minimum requirement.
“We only have 132 researchers for our 497 regencies. We need to have at least one researcher in each regency,” Hatta said in Makassar, Thursday.
“Researchers are needed to generate innovations, especially technology for local development, to add to the value of national resources,” Hatta said.
Currently, there are only 18 research centers in 33 provinces. Furthermore, there are only 23 research and development agencies (BPPD) at the provincial level. At the regional level the figure is even worse, with only 48 agencies out of 497 regencies and municipalities.

Lab Indonesia 2012 receives satisfactory response

Lab Indonesia 2012 continues to receive visit from more than 2000 visitors on the second day of exhibition, achieving the record of exceeding 4000 quality visitors in total only on the 2nd day of exhibition.
Active participation by visitors at various country pavilions such as the German, Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore and UK Pavilions. The 2nd edition of Lab Indonesia is grateful with the satisfactory feedback both from exhibitors and visitors.
“Lab Indonesia has received extraordinarily good response this year and we find that this is an important exhibition where all buyers and suppliers are able to meet. We are glad with the number of business transactions took place for us since day one. We feel the need of Lab Indonesia to be organised again and confident that Lab Indonesia will grow bigger with a wider range of exhibits. Hopefully, more German exhibitors will be featured in the next exhibition,” said Mrs. Lely Iskandar from PT. Creative Mitra Selaras Indonesia.

Lab Indonesia 2012 officially opens its door!

Lab Indonesia 2012 officially opened yesterday at Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC) here in Indonesia. Lab Indonesia 2012 has successfully gathered a total participation of 128 exhibitors and more than 2000 quality visitors from different countries, only on the first day of exhibition.
Opening Ceremony
A welcome dance kick started the ceremony which greeted our honourable guests such as Mr. Muhamad A. Martoprawiro, PhD, the President of Indonesian Chemicals Society (Himpunan Kimia Indonesia), Datuk Dr. Soon Ting Kueh, the President of Malaysian Institute of Chemistry (Institut Kimia Malaysia), Prof. Freddy Permana Zen, DSc., the Honorable Deputy Minister for Science and Technology Resource, Ministry of Research and Technology.